Who We Are

A leading security screening solutions provider in Sri Lanka, EXEL Trading International (Pvt.) Ltd (EXEL Security)has a built a strong service foot print since the year 2000 in this security field. Exel Security is a leading supplier and maintenance provider for comprehensive range of security screening and detection equipment, providing solutions to all customer segments in the market.

Vision To become the market leader in security screening solutions in Sri Lanka & Maldives.
Mission Provide reliable, state-of-the art technology solutions to our clients to protect and support their valued possessions. Our business is built on trust and relationships gathered over the years along with our energetic and dedicated staff to serve our clients.

Strengths & Capabilities

EXEL Security is in the forefront of providing customized security screening & detection solutions in Sri Lanka. Identifying the customer's requirements whilst taking in to consideration the high security standards and advanced technologies in the market. We are geared to provide a unique cost effective solution to tackle security risks for all our clients.

Relationship with our Manufacturers
Local Experience

Exel Security have been successful due to the high reliability, ease-of-use for operators and low maintenance screening solutions. Implementing systems in the four main sectors; aviation, defence, critical and commercial infrastructure.

Covering high security sensitive government and private organizations, which has resulted in our company gaining a good reputation in the field of security screening systems over the years.

Relationship with our Manufacturers
Relationship With Manufacturers

Exel Security have been dealing with many foreign principals for security screening equipment since the year 2000 and in collaboration have provided high-tech solutions.

The origins of all products are from leading manufacturers from USA, Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and China. We engage with our manufacturers by providing unique achievable business plans in helping promoting the relevant products in our country.

Due to the mutual long standing relationship between each party, we always obtain the best products at cost effective prices for our projects.

Technical Team / Work Shop

Exel Security have been maintaining a fully equipped and facilitated workshop for necessary repairs and maintenance of all kind of security equipment. Our technical team consists of a well-qualified, trained and experienced personnel to perform any kind of diagnostic & fault rectification.

We are capable of providing 24x7 maintenance operations all around the island. Exel maintains a stock of critical spare parts of all the equipment we supply for any urgent replacements of parts.

Exel Security is ready to provide extensive security screening solutions, preventive and corrective maintenance services to all of our existing and future clients consistently.

Operator / Technical / Maintenance Training

Exel Security is geared to provide a professional training for our client's operators to ensure they carry out a proper screening process, whilst using the equipment supplied by our company.

The operators are given all the necessary knowledge on identifying threats and various other equipment features. This will enable them to make maximum use of these sophisticated equipment to serve their purpose of screening & detection.

In addition we are capable of providing training for the maintenance and technical teams of clients to attend to any minor faults.