Industry Focus


Ever changing airport security threats require the airport terminals to be equipped with the latest equipment consisting of state of the art technology, fast threat detection capability & solutions for a hassle free smooth operation of their passengers & staff. In addition the external perimeter of the airports need to be protected from various ways of threat intrusions. Exel Security has the capacity to provide suitable equipment to meet these critical requirements of our local airports.

International Airports require to comply with latest international aviation certifications and standards, in order to operate as an international airport. Exel Security is up to date with the collaboration of leading screening equipment manufacturers worldwide on the latest standards and certification required to comply with the strict aviation standards.

Exel with 20 years experience working with Airport & Aviation and Civil Aviation of Sri Lanka is well aware of the strict procedures followed in procuring the latest screening equipment to meet the unforeseen security threats. Exel is capable of providing effective and efficient total security screening solutions to our International and domestic airports around the country. Ensuring passenger comfort and high throughput are catered with all our solutions provided.

Specialized Areas

Baggage X-Ray Screening Systems
Hold Baggage Inspection
People Screening Systems
Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems
Access Control Systems
Vehicle Mitigation Systems
Explosive & Narcotic Detectors
Freight & Cargo Inspection
Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)
Vehicle Inspection Systems