Industry Focus

Commercial Infrastructure

The commercial infrastructure is widely diverse in both scope and function. This sector includes shopping malls, hotels, casinos, offices and apartment buildings, convention centers, sports stadiums, and other sites where large numbers of people assemble to pursue business activities, conduct personal commercial transactions and enjoy recreational activity and accommodation.

These facilities operate on the principle of open public access, meaning the public may move freely throughout these facilities without the restriction of highly visible security barriers. Therefore security checkpoints require to include the latest threat detecting equipment to safeguard the innocent public and personnel belongings. This requires a solution with equipment for a smooth operation without stressing any fear on the people's minds.

Exel is able to provide a total customized solution of security screening equipment to cater to all such requirements of a particular premises, which is not only cost effective but user friendly to meet the required standards of each particular place.

Specialized Areas

Baggage X-Ray Screening Systems
People Screening Systems
Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems
Access Control Systems
Vehicle Mitigation Systems
Explosive & Narcotic Detectors
Thermal Screening Systems
Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)