Industry Focus

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure consist of organizations of major importance to the government and community. Their destruction or failure results in significant disruptions to public safety, sustained operation collapse, or other serious consequences. These organizations are working on the front line to ensure safety of millions of people. Therefore these organizations require take extra care of their security.

Such vulnerable locations for threats and attacks are important government /private buildings, prisons, embassies, banks & sea ports. Security officers need to be on high alert with equipment that has high detecting capability with minimal false alarms.

Exel Security is able to provide total customized security screening solutions to cater to all such requirements of a particular organizations, which is not only cost effective but user friendly to meet the required standards in the following areas:

Specialized Areas

Baggage X-Ray Screening Systems
Vehicle X-Ray Screening Systems
People Screening Systems
Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems
Access Control Systems
Vehicle Mitigation Systems
Explosive & Narcotic Detectors
Thermal Screening Systems
Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)