Industry Focus


Exel Security has many years of experience in providing quality screening equipment to the armed forces of Sri Lanka. The Armed forces require quick responsive and reliable security equipment to take decisions with confidence when time is a vital factor against suspicious threats found on surfaces, people, parcels or vehicles.

In addition, protection of high security infrastructure at entry and exit points is a key requirement for a stable operation to protect both people and assets. Exel Security is capable offering a series of Vehicle mitigation & detection solutions to provide high level security to these high security perimeter zones.

These high-tech equipment requires professional maintenance to be provided from a local service provider that has a qualified technical team with many years experience in this type of equipment and capacity to respond quickly for any repair. Whilst maintaining a stock of critical spare parts for any type of breakdown, reducing the downtime. Exel Security with 20 years experience in this field has the confidence to provide a total security solution to our local armed forces in the following areas :

Specialized Areas

Baggage X-Ray Screening Systems
Body Armor & Ballistics Helmets
People Screening Systems
Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems
Access Control Systems
Vehicle Mitigation Systems
Explosive & Narcotic Detectors
Thermal Screening Systems
Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)