Product Line

Explosive & Narcotics Detectors

  • Areas of Use
  • Military Facilities, Government Buildings, Customs, Prisons, Airports, Embassies, Production Facilities, Hotels, Shopping Malls and Stadiums.
Explosive & Narcotics Detectors

Exel Security have been working with security authorities, the armed forces and first responders for decades to supply a range of detection equipment that meets their security needs.

Whether you're looking to detect explosives, narcotics or chemical warfare agents we have screening technology to identify a wide range of threats, so that the operator can take accurate decisions quickly.

The detectors can be used when inspecting high security zones, vehicles and cargo during aviation, customs & military security checks.

Explosive, Narcotics & Chemical Warfare
Product Features
  • Light weight portable hand held device.
  • Long-term usage under the operational situations.
  • Ion mobility spectrometric technology with no harm to operators.
  • Extremely high sensitivity.
  • Direct non-contact detection of TNT vapor and less volatile explosives.
  • Detection capability of narcotics, chemical warfare agents and toxic gases.
  • Direct operation in smoky and dusty areas, without usage of extra tools.
  • Operate without the risk to fail due to excessive concentration of vapors.
  • Allows confident detection in wide range of temperatures and humidity.
  • Self-cleaning and automatic protection against concentration overload without long cleaning procedures.
  • Expandable list of detected explosives via USB or Bluetooth connection, or directly via detector interface.
  • Cost for the ownership is low since very less consumables required.